The Gujarat State Judicial Academy is established in 1995. The Gujarat High Court exclusively runs the Academy.

The Law Commission of India, in its Report No.116 and 117 has felt to have establish Academy or educational institutes for intensive training for the Judicial Officers. The joint conference of Chief Justices of the States and Chief Ministers and Law Ministers of the different States in the year 1985 has also resolved to have an academy set up by the Central Government with Chief Justice of India as Chairman for the training of the judicial officers. Hon'ble Supreme Court has also directed to set up a State Level Judicial Academy/Institution of Training for Judicial Officers,in the Judgment of "All India Judges' Association V/s. Union of India (AIR 1992 SC 165) and (AIR 1993 SC 2493) stating there in "para - 54.One of the claims advanced before us was for provision of inservice training for judicial officers. This we consider as a must. In fact, the Law Commission in one of its recent reports has advised that inservice institutes should be immediately set up. . . We are of the view that inservice institutes are indispensable for the upkeep of the efficiency of judicial service. We direct that an All India Institute of Inservice Training for higher officers of the judiciary including the District Judges and a State level institute for training of the other members of the subordinate judiciary within each of the States and Union Territories or one common institute for more than one State or Union Territory should be set up within one year from now and at any rate not later than December 31, 1992. This has to be organised by respective High Courts."

Considering the above resolutions, recommendations and directions, the Gujarat High Court has established the Gujarat State Judicial Academy to fulfill the objects.